Hot Bike Tour 2015 (Day 1)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 began an 11 day trip with the Biltwell family that would start in Spirit Lake, IA and slowly end up in Salt Lake City, UT.  First day was all airplanes/connecting flights/driving so we weren't scootin around till day 2.  The first stretch of our trip was to ride the Hot Bike Tour so already being in the city conveniently hotel'd near the event grounds, we spent the first half of the day exploring the country roads.  For a person who spends a majority of riding time in the city, seeing a bunch of corn fields was definitely a treat.  One state's everlasting field of crops is a photo nerd who doesn't get out enough's treasure....or something like that

After making a Day One blog, making another nine or ten seems like a really bad idea.  I'm already bored for whoever would be scrolling through these.  Next one will be grouped together in a more audience friendly manner