Transitions Kern River Trip 2014 (Part 1)

Every August, Buddy and Keisha of Transitions Skate Shop closes the store for a few days and takes a camping trip to Kern River.  Those of us who ride, meet up Monday at midnight and head out to Kern while everyone else drives out in the morning.  Lately Monday nights have been bowling night so everything flowed together perfectly.  Bowling, beer, In N Out, then I headed straight to Sylmar to meet up with everyone.

Since I was the only one riding from my area, I rode solo to meet up with Buddy and everyone else.  Once getting there, we hung out, gassed up, waited for everyone else to arrive, and started heading to Kern.

Being up all day without any naps, riding straight through the night always gets a little rough.  Even with all the coffee and energy drinks, you find yourself eagerly waiting to get to the next stop to get up and stretch.  Ruben's knuckle started acting up and we ended up on the side of the road, huddled around his '47 as him, Rob, and Buddy took turns trying to kick his bike.  The circle of kicking continued for a while until the sun started rising and Buddy got the perfect kick.  Everyone was psyched, the sun was coming up, and it only got better from there.

By the time we got to Kern, everything was perfect.  It was still early morning so we still had a full day to do whatever we wanted.  First priority when getting to your campsite is always claiming a spot for your tent.  Like every year, got a spot on the sand closest to the river to setup, changed into shorts, and started the Kern River vacation.

Part 2 coming soon....